The road to hell

The definition of insanity

The first step towards getting somewhere, is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” — Chauncey Mitchell, Depew.

I’m here to tell you from experience, it won’t happen. I guess you can keep trying if you don’t believe me, but I promise, you’re just going to keep getting the same results. If you want different results then ask yourself, “what do you need to stop or start doing,” so that you will get some different results.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the definition of insanity. Basically, it’s that you do the same thing over and over again, but you expect different results. Think about that. How can you get different results if you’re doing the same thing over and over? It won’t happen.

The road to hell

It starts with deciding to be intentional. In order to experience change it’s going to require attention, effort and intention on your part. For me, when my intention is wavering, that’s when I feel that my focus starts to wane.

There’s an old saying about intentions, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” That’s where I fall apart or fail. It’s not the good intentions but the follow through that isn’t there.

Take charge of your life

To be intentional you have to make the decision that you are going to not just have the intention, but follow through, to make it come together. It’s the decision in the follow through that’s actually going to move you forward, to where you want to be in life.

You have to take charge of your life. You are your own referee. You’re calling the shots. You’re in control. It’s on your shoulders. That might sound like it’s putting a lot of weight on you. But, ultimately, it’s your life so you need to be responsible for it. Identify what it is that you need to change and do differently.

Squirrels and shiny objects

It takes commitment to follow through. I have failed in many ways over the years. Part of my problem is, I get distracted. I call myself a squirrel chaser. Shiny objects always grab my attention.

I recently moved my office. I’m on the second floor now and I literally have squirrels right outside my window, so I get distracted. I have shared that in the past I had a major distraction and that was playing Candy Crush. I hate to admit that, it’s embarrassing. I have quit numerous times, for up to six months at a time. I think this time I’m on month three of not playing. It’s ridiculous. I think about it on occasion. I’m glad I’m not playing it though.

Distractions are what keep you from your intention so you have to be very careful of everything that’s around you. Know what you’re focusing on.

Get out of B.E.D.

What you’re telling yourself in your mind is also very important. Be optimistic about your intentions. Not just setting your attentions, but being optimistic and telling yourself that you’re going to follow through with them. Be your own cheerleader. Say, “I’ve got this,” “I can do it.” “I’m going to make it happen.”

I’m a planner. I have grown to accept that my plans won’t always come to fruition. But I still like to plan. I like to have those intentions for my day written and scheduled out. I at least have a path and an idea of where I’m going. It helps to keep me focused. As I said, if I don’t have something to focus on, I’m chasing all the shiny objects.

My coach, Kary Oberbrunner, has shared many times, you have to get out of bed. That is drop the blame, excuses, and denial, and instead, use your oar: ownership accountability and responsibility, to get where you need to be.

The challenge today is for you to set your intentions for the day, week, month or year, and how you’re going to follow through with these. If something happens and you aren’t able to follow through for that day, then make sure you revisit your intentions and say, “Okay, what can I do tomorrow (or as soon as possible) to make sure I don’t lose this intention.” Things happen in life. You don’t want to get distracted from your intentions.

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